Asset Remarketing

Program Options

Through our exclusive RAEmarketing programs, RevShare Consignment℠ and Flat Rate Purchase℠, RAE offers the ability to determine how best to manage the final disposal costs while maximizing our customers return on investment (ROI). These two programs offer the customer the ability to choose whether remarketing revenue is paid in full at the beginning of each project through our Flat Rate Purchase℠ program or as a revenue share through our RevShare Consignment℠ program.

How Can You Maximize Your ROI on IT Assets?

As an industry leader in the remarketing of electronic assets, we employ proprietary processes, procedures and safe guards to boost the value that customers will receive from their retired and obsolete equipment.

Equipment that has the greatest remarketing potential includes,
but is not limited to the following:

Computer Equipment

Desktop computers, laptops, servers, copiers, networking equipment, etc.

Telcom Equipment

Cell phones, switches, radios, cellular site equipment, phone systems, etc.

Medical Equipment

Imaging, cardiac care, hematology, patient monitoring, etc.

Consumer Equipment

Cell phones, PDAs, mp3 players, handheld devices, etc.

How the Process Works

As soon as your equipment arrives at our facility, the inventory and tracking process begins. Your electronic assets are transferred to our secure remarketing area where they are inventoried and bar coded with a customer specific tracking number used to track your equipment throughout the RAEmarketing process. Our highly skilled and trained technicians thoroughly review each item of your inventory, identifying equipment with potential remarketing value. This process includes screening for age, configuration, functionality and appearance to determine current market value. All qualifying equipment will then be resold through our pre-qualified world-wide network of value-added-resellers by our experienced remarketing team. Upon completion of each remarketing project the customer will receive a full audit report with the equipment details (make, model and serial #) including remarketing results along with a Certificate of Recycling.

Guaranteed Data Security

All assets destined for remarketing first undergo RAE’s Data Cleanse℠ process. This proprietary sanitization and quality assurance process completely removes all software and stored data from all hard drives in conformance with DoD 5220.22m protocol. RAE guarantees our customers that all data on hard drives will be completely sanitized to these standards. Any and all hard drives that fail to authenticate the Data Cleanse℠ process will be destroyed by RAE.

Full Service Remarketing = Full Value for the Customer

As a part of your remarketing program you will receive:
  • Logistics Management
  • Complete Chain of Custody
  • Data Liability Protection
  • Security and Environmental Health and Safety
  • Comprehensive Equipment Audit Reporting
  • Maximum ROI for Retired Assets

Combining RAE’s risk and liability standards in regards to data and equipment management with our vast experience in re-use and remarketing ensures that our customers receive the best value for their retired electronic equipment along with the highest degree of security & regulatory compliance.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can maximize the ROI on your retired electronic assets.