Cell Phone Recycling

According to the EPA, Cell Phones are only used for an average of 18 months before being replaced. As a result over 100 million cell phones become obsolete annually. Of these cell phones it is estimated that 75% end up stockpiled in drawers.
With only around 10% of cell phones being recycled, there has to be a better solution to this growing issue. There is a better solution…

The RAE Solution

Our goal is to raise cell phone recycling awareness and help promote an easy and convenient recycling program through which anyone, anywhere can participate.

RAE is a fully certified recycler and we provide a secure and environmentally responsible solution for your cell phone recycling needs.

Please contact us at info@RAEIT.com to learn more about our current FREE cell phone recycling programs.

Do You Have Functional Cell Phones that are No Longer Being Used?

Turn your working gently used cell phones into cash through our cell phone buyback program.

Contact us to learn more by calling 352.502.4449 or 855.306.8366 (Toll Free), or by emailing info@RAEIT.com

We look forward to hearing from you!