Program Details

Design an Electronics Recycling Program for Your Community

There are three main components to a community electronics recycling collection event or an ongoing municipal recycling program

Awareness & Education

  • What? Educate residents on acceptable equipment for event or ongoing program
  • Why? Make residents aware of the environmental impact and data liability associated with improper disposal
  • Where? Promote the event or program info to spread awareness through local outreach

Collection & Transportation

Recycle All Electronics will work with you to develop and implement the specific collection and transportation needs of your community. Access to our network of national recycling partners, logistics providers and corporate sponsors ensures the successful develop of an easily accessible and cost efficient program for community residents.

Recycling & Reporting

Recycle All Electronics has the capability to report the following information specific to each community’s needs:

  • Total pounds of equipment collected and processed
  • Equipment piece count by type (i.e. CRT, LCD, computer, etc.)
  • Individualized shipment reports
  • Quarterly, semi-annual and annual reports

A Certificate of Recycling is provided upon the completion of each recycling project as a record.

Contact Recycle All Electronics to find out more about how we can provide a solution for the electronics recycling needs of your community.