How RAE Can Help

RAE is helping to reduce environmental impact of discarded electronics, One community at a time

When it comes to technology, we live in a disposal economy. It seems as soon as we get comfortable using our current electronic devices, we are upgrading to something new to stay current. With less than 25% of all electronics discarded being recycled, landfills are becoming inundated with electronics containing heavy metals. These metals can leach into the soil and ground water causing devastating harm to our environment. Recycle All Electronics is taking action by helping communities develop and implement electronics recycling collection events as well as conducting ongoing collection programs.

Recycle All Electronics provides the following services as a part of our community solutions:
  • Complete recycling collection event management from start to finish including the planning, promoting, support, logistics, recycling and reporting
  • Certified Recycling of Electronics
  • Complete Audit Trail
  • Rebate Incentive Program
  • Community Equipment Donation Services

When partnering with Recycle All Electronics, we will work with your municipality to develop a program specific to the needs of your community and residents. Combining our operating efficiencies and high standards in regards to data security and environmental compliance ensures that your residents, businesses and the environment all benefit from our services.

Contact Recycle All Electronics by using information below to find out more about how we can help bring sustainability to your community.